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Learn to Create on Your Feet, Free Your Voice, and Enliven Your Physical Instrument.

Whether at the Margolis Method Center Int'l in beautiful Highland Lake, NY or at a workshop nationwide or abroad, training in the Margolis Method is inspiring, informative, and empowering. Margolis Method is a complete, in-depth training for the theatre artist that takes the mystery out of acting by offering concrete and practicable exercises. The skill-sets of actor, director and playwright are merged to develop a powerful three-dimensional theatre artist -- one we call the “Actor Warrior.”

Training takes place in a challenging yet supportive and creative environment that inspires students to find the essence of theatre in every breath. Margolis Method organically merges muscular and vocal expression with character development and helps artists shape their intuitive impulses so as to become more compelling storytellers. 

Margolis Method is not an aesthetic but a comprehensive series of highly theatrical exercises based on the universal principles of physics and communication. Training in the Method makes for stronger theatre artists in any theatrical style or aesthetic, ranging from abstract experimental to linear text-based plays.  

Kari Margolis has spent the last three decades researching and developing scores of dynamic, dramatic exercises that allow the actor to hone their craft and find tremendous empowerment in their artistry. Her research and theatre productions have received recognition with six National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, a Pew/TCG National Artist Fellowship, a Creative Capital National Artist Fellowship, a McKnight National Artist Fellowship, a "BESSIE" NY Performance Award and a New York Foundation for the Arts Performance Fellowship among other prestigious awards. The MB ADAPTORS founded by Margolis and Tony Brown has created 16 original productions that have traveled the world to critical acclaim. Ongoing research and training are central to the MB ADAPTORS philosophy, and Faculty, who have worked as core ensemble members of the Company, bring a depth of experience to their teaching.   

Join the Margolis Method Actor Training Revolution, take control of your craft, and become an Actor Warrior.



Margolis Method Training Programs

June 30 - August 8. Work intensively with Kari Margolis and company members for a powerful and transformative experience. This school is the perfect place to hone skills, take artistic risks, and interact with artists from around the world. Apply now.

June 16 - 27. Work intensively with Kari Margolis, company members and like-minded colleagues in a program designed specifically for University professors. Integrate the method’s clear inspirational exercises and improvisation structures into your classes and transform your students into empowered theatre artists.

Kari Margolis and the MB ADAPTORS offer everything from one day master classes to extended performance residencies. Catch us on the road, or invite us to your school or theatre. Check here for upcoming classes, events, and booking information.

Online Learning Program Coming Soon. Members will receive a unique log-in, which will grant them access to an in-depth website chock full of exciting theatrical exercises, improvisation structures, interviews and philosophical writings. You can bring Margolis Method into your home and become an Actor Warrior.

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“By delving into the Margolis Method, I have deepened my relationship to the art form.” —Ian Coloson