Please fill in all the pertinent information below. If you are arriving by plane and will also be taking a shuttle bus to the Port Authority to catch a Coach USA bus, please fill in both Airport and bus information. To find your best bus connections you can look at the schedule for both Monticello NY/Shortline Terminal and Port Jervis NY/First Assembly of God parking lot at If you need help making these connections do not hesitate to contact us. Please refer to the travel page of your Artist Packet for specific travel information and pick-up fees. Once you fill out this form, we will invoice you for any pick-up and drop-offs you request.

Remember to pass travel plans by us first before booking anything. If you are being picked up at the bus or train stations please call us in NY before getting on the bus or train to confirm your arrival time. The stations are 30 minutes from the Center so we want to be sure you will be there. 

We are looking forward to your arrival. Travel Safe!

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Please include Airline and Flight #
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PLEASE NOTE: Arrival time must be before 8pm.