Kari Margolis, Certified Faculty and Company Members teach workshops and residencies across the country and internationally throughout the year. Check Upcoming Workshops below for special opportunities to take advantage of the Margolis Method Actor Training Revolution. The demand is high, so early registration is always recommended.  

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Kari Margolis, Certified Faculty and Company Members offer provocative workshop/performance experiences that range in scope from master classes and lecture demonstrations to fully produced, critically acclaimed repertory productions. Each residency is tailored specifically to your program’s needs and budget.  To inquire about booking a workshop or residency, please fill out our booking request form below.

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Barcelona, Spain

Ongoing Fall Classes
WHERE: Fabra i Coats, Sant Andreu BCN
For rates & enrollment, email

Please note that when we are on the road offering University residencies, we can also organize private and/or public workshops in close proximity to these locations and dates.

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Certified Artists


Dates: May 20-21
Location: Center for Performing Arts - 3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis
Fee: $75
Led by by Erik Hoover
Open to the public. Click here for more information.


Dates TBA
Led by Ian Bivins

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Master classes introduce students to Margolis Method’s integrated approach to creating theatre on your feet.  Using a laboratory format, students can explore Margolis Method principles and acquire new technical skills. These classes will expand students theatrical vocabulary and their ability to articulate both what they see in others and want to communicate themselves. Technique, theory and structured improvisation are built into small creative projects and/or scene work throughout the workshop.

Master classes generally run from three to six hours.



Intensive workshops allow students to more fully immerse themselves in the creative learning process.  Each day, workshops will focus on specific dramatic concepts that build into improvisation structures and opportunities to create theatrical scenes.  Solo, duo and group projects are explored, as well as the integration of abstract vocal work, classical text and object manipulation.  

Intensive Workshops generally run from three days to three weeks.


Performance Project

A Performance Project Residency culminates in a production based on either an original piece developed around a specific theme generated during the workshop, or a piece from the Company's repertory. Technique, theory and improvisation weave together during the rehearsal process. A unique collaborative experience, each project is driven by shared principles and vocabulary based in Margolis Method. True to form, the Performance Project Residency places the actor at the center of the creative process.

Performance Project Residencies generally run from three to six weeks meeting several hours each day.


Margolis Brown Adaptors Company
Performance and

This integrated residency approach combines an MB Adaptors repertory production with workshops that are thematically linked to the performance.  Process and product inform each other as students experience cutting edge theater from the dual perspectives of audience and artist.

Repertory Performance/Workshop Packages generally run for one week with the Company production presented at the end of the residency.


KCACTF at the Kennedy Center 2015

KCACTF at the Kennedy Center 2015

Barcelona Workshop

Barcelona Workshop

Montclair State University Residency

Barcelona Workshop

Barcelona Workshop

Barcelona Workshop

Barcelona Workshop

Millikin University Residency

A Streetcar Named Desire, Monclair State University

A Streetcar Named Desire, Monclair State University

A Streetcar Named Desire, Monclair State University

A Streetcar Named Desire, Monclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Insula, Montclair State University

Deja Vu, Millikin University

Deja Vu, Millikin University

Deja Vu, Millikin University

Deja Vu, Millikin University

Deja Vu, Fort Lewis College

Deja Vu, Fort Lewis College

Deja Vu, Fort Lewis College

THE LOVE ME KNOT, Viterbo University


Past Workshops & Residencies

edited list


Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain
January 1-17, 2017
Public workshop session.

February 1st - 4th, 2017
Four day workshop on devising.

The Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN
April 10, 2017
Public workshop.

Parkland HS, Allentown, PA
April 19th, 2017
Master Class.


Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, Spain
January 1-17, 2016
Public workshop session.

Rhode Island College, Providence RI
April 23rd - 24th, 2016
Two day residency.

Salt Lake City, UT
June 20-24
Workshop for singers and singing teachers.

Millikin University, Decatur IL
August 24th - October 2nd, 2016
Creative Residency of HEADSHOT! Production.

Rhode Island College, Providence RI
October 22nd - 23rd, 2016
Two day residency.

NYC Workshop at LaGuardia College
December 3rd, 2016
One day workshop open to public.


Millikin University, Decatur IL
January 5th - 16th, 2015
Two week performance residency.

Rhode Island College, Providence RI
February 7th - 8th, 2015
Two day residency.

NYC University Professor Introduction to Margolis Method
February 14th - 15th, 2015

Florida International College, Miami FL
February 28 - March 1, 2015
Two day intensive for Theatre Program.

Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain, hosted by AISGE
March 7th - 22nd, 2015
Two week training intensive as well as two sessions of Study Abroad Barcelona.
Open to the public with pre-registration.

Institut Del Teatre, Barcelona, Spain, hosted by AISGE
March 23rd - April 11th, 2015
Three week performance creation workshop.
Public performance on April 11th.

Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
April 16th - 18th, 2015
Master Class for Irene Ryan Finalists at the KCACTF National Festival.

Milikin University, Decatur, IL
October 12-14

Kansas City, MO
October 17, 2015
Master class at the Just Off Broadway Theatre

The Gurthrie, Minneapolis, MN
October 19
Master class open to the public.

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
October 23-24

Parkland High School, Allentown, PA
October 25


Millikin University
Two week performance creation workshop, collaborating with Tony Brown’s multimedia workshop.
January 6-17th, 2014

University of Toronto
Three day residency focusing on object manipulation.
January 31-February 2, 2014

Rhode Island College
Two day intensive.
March 1st & 2nd, 2014

NYC Weekend Workshop
March 22nd & 23rd, 2014

Minnesota State University
Two day intensive.
April 4-5th, 2014

Guthrie Theatre 
Master class for students.
April 7th, 2014

Kennedy Center, DC
Master Class for Irene Ryan Finalists at the KCACTF National Festival.
April 14-19th, 2014

Parkland Area High School
Master Class led by Jarod Hanson.
April 27th, 2014

Texas Tech University
Kari is master teacher for WildWind Performance Lab with focus on creation of original theatre. 
June 2 - 13th, 2014

Montclair State University, Montclair NJ
September 20 - 21st, 2014
Two day residency for BFAs.

NYC Workshop
October 4th - 5th, 2014
Open to the public.

Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, October 18th, 2014
Master Class led by Kari Margolis, assisted by Jarod Hanson and company members.
Fee: $60 Students: $40
Click here for registration information.
Open to the public.

Viterbo University, La Crosse WI
October 20th - November 16th, 2014
Four week Performance Residency with public performance of work created on November 14th-16th.

Barcelona, Spain, hosted by AISGE
November 17th - 28th, 2014
Two week training intensive.
Open to the public with pre-registration.

Barcelona, Spain, hosted by AISGE
December 1st - 13th, 2014
Two week performance creation workshop. 
Public performance on December 13th.
Open to registrants of training workshop and those with previous Margolis Method training. 


Viterbo Universtiy
Two Week Performance Residency
September 16th thru 29th

Montclair State University
Directed a surrealistic A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE with live music, multimedia and multiple casting of Blanche and Stanley
October 5th thru November 17th

Series of NYC Workshops
Balance Arts Center
Sept 8, Oct. 20, Nov. 3, Dec 1

Two Week Residency, Barcelona Spain
December 2nd thru 14th


Millikin University
Two Week Intensive
January 7th thru 18th

Viterbo University
Weeklong Intensive
January21st thru 25th

Bloomington Arts Center. MN
One Day Intensive Workshop / Open to Public
January 26th

Towson University
One Week Residency MFA Program
February 18th - 22nd

Minnesota State University, Moorhead
March 8th - 10th

Guthrie Theatre
Master Class / Open to Public

Coastal College, SC
Two-day residency
March 23rd-24th

Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
Master Teacher - 13th year

Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
Master Teacher - 12th year

Performance Residency Montclair State University
Creation of Original Production with 16 BFA Students
October 5th thru December 8th

Windsor University
One Day Intensive - November 24th

SITI Company Master Teacher Series / NYC
Two Master Classes Open to Public
December 15th and 16th 

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Master Teacher (10 years)

Actors Movement Studio, NY
Master Class for summer training program 

One Day Intensive Open to General Public
September 12th
Tapestry Folkdance Center   Minneapolis MN

Millikin University
Two Day Intensive
September 19th and 20th

Viterbo University
Two Day Intensive
September 21st and 22nd

Towson University
Three Day Intensive
October 2nd to 4th

Fortlewis University
Monthlong Performance Residency
November 2009

Phoenix Fringe Festival
Three day workshop at Arizona State University


Millikin University, Decatur Illinois
Two week Performance Residency Created Original Student Production

Rocky Mountain Theatre Association Festival, Durango CO
Keynote Address and two Master Classes

Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalunya, Barcelona
Two-week Intensive Workshop for Actors and Directors

Towson University
Five day workshop

University of Maryland Baltimore County
Three day workshop

The University of Missouri Kansas City
Master class

Arizona State University
Five day intensive workshop

University of Minnesota
Master class


Cos Festival, Reus Spain
Five day intensive workshop

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Five week performance residency resulting in the creation of a new work th at students toured to the Edinburgh Festival.  Production was selected for the National American College Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

2004 - 1991

Luther College, Decorah Iowa
six master classes and outside auditor for recreation of the College's Theater/Dance program

Arizona State University
series of master classes and a lecture demonstration

Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis
Two year Artist-In-Residence including company workshops and writing and directing STARRY MESSENGER

University of Minnesota 
six-week residency resulting in redevelopment of MBTC repertory production KOPPELVISION

Saint Mary's College, Winona, MN
series of Master Classes

Ringling Brothers Clown College, WI
series of Master Classes

Barcelona Theatre Institute, Barcelona, Spain
series of master classes and lecture demonstration

Theatre Mu, Minneapolis
Series of master classes

George Mason University, Virginia
three-week residency resulting in original performance

Dance Place, Washington DC
series of master classes

Montclair State College, New Jersey 
residency and movement direction for ANTIGONE and EQUUS