Margolis Method Training Programs

July 20 - August 7. Work intensively with Kari Margolis and company members for a powerful and transformative experience. The Center is the perfect place to hone skills, take artistic risks, and interact with artists from around the world. Apply now.

Introductory Week June 29 - July 3, and 2-Week Certification July 6 - 17. Work intensively with Kari Margolis, company members and like-minded colleagues in a program designed specifically for University professors. Integrate the method’s clear inspirational exercises and improvisation structures into your classes and transform your students into empowered theatre artists.

Winter Break 2019/20 is the perfect opportunity to experience the cultural mecca of Barcelona, Spain and work intensively with award-winning theatre artist Kari Margolis and renowned scholars for an immersive, creative, and cultural experience.

The Online Learning Program is Powerful, Personal and Performative! Hone your craft and take charge of your artistic future. Receive a unique log-in and access exciting theatrical exercises, improvisation structures, interviews and philosophical writings. You can bring Margolis Method into your home and become an Actor Warrior. 

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“By delving into the Margolis Method, I have deepened my relationship to the art form.” —Ian Coloson