The Universal Language

CYLOPEDIA /I an Bivins, Szilard Varnai 

The laws of physics are the fundamental building blocks of all communication, intrinsically connected to everything we do. The laws of physics are universal not idiosyncratic, tangible not esoteric. By giving weight, force, and time to emotions, an actor can embody the laws of physics.  We can look at an object and assess if it is too heavy for us to lift, moving too fast for us to reach, or leaning too far for us to keep from falling.  In the same way, we can assess people’s moods. Perhaps they seem too stuck in their ways to be open to a new idea, too vulnerable to hear bad news, or too far gone  to receive any help. By learning to embody the laws of physics, the actor will develop a more sensitive instrument with which to communicate emotions and psychological states without having to gesticulate or indicate.