Milikin Professor Blog Post: Reflection

I have been particularly intrigued with the process of preparation… how that process involves both the mind and the body working together actively in order to manifest an eventual product. To prepare mentally I have to know where I want to go, why I want to go there, and when I want to go there. Then the physical preparation develops the how I’m going to get there by connecting with my core, with my breath, and with gravity. The combination of the physical with the mental requires that I am specific in my ideas and in my physical abilities. It takes practice (which can be done) to learn how to create options, and then to choose from those options intellectually. It takes practice (which can also be done) to develop a physical self that can respond to those choices. Each element of the process can be practiced and the act of combining them together can be practiced. And it takes practice to be aware that preparation is needed, literally, in the first place.
— Denise Myers