Working Toward the Creative State

It’s a good bet that each and every one of us has had the experience of being on stage and not feeling the magic -- and we all know just how bad that feels. Being a great actor certainly can’t rely on luck, and knowing how to manifest emotions each and every time we are on stage is essential to our craft, and fundamental to all Margolis Method exercises and improvisations. 

The Creative State is when the actor’s muscular, intellectual and emotional aspects are all in balance. Finding this balance takes conscious effort and practice as all actors tend to lean toward one side of what we call the intellectual / visceral scale. Intellectual actors can determine every aspect of their character’s history and back story and can break down a monologue into all its beats, but have a hard time actually manifesting this information into a performative moment. Visceral actors, on the other hand, can cry on a dime and find emoting easy, but can’t remember their text or repeat the same moment twice. Each of our natural abilities will most certainly serve us, but they will limit us as well if we rely exclusively on them. Practicing the balance of the Creative State allows us to own our craft and assure for a deep, honest connection to our character’s emotions each and every performance. 

You can also remember the Creative State as PIE, which was coined by Artistic Associate Kym Longhi as short for Physical, Intellectual and Emotional. Thanks Kym!

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