National Faculty Retreat

In the Studio / Jay Hanson

The Margolis Method Center Int'l hosted its first National Faculty Retreat over the four days of December 27th thru 30th 2013. Certified Margolis Method teaching artists came from across the country and worked with Kari six hours per day in the studio. The work consisted of advanced training, creation time, sharing of new exercises and honing classic ones. Each teaching artist took turns leading, giving and getting feedback. Evenings were spent as think tanks working on bringing dreams and goals for the organization to fruition. Topics included the launching of the Online Learning Program and the opening of a Two-Year Conservatory. In attendance were Jonathan Beller, Ian Bivins, Jarod Hanson, Erik Hoover, Jalyn Knobloch, Kym Longhi, Jarod Hanson and Gregory G. Schott. Rhoda Mehl and Beth Brooks connected thru Google Chat and email updating. The time together was heartfelt, informative and inspiring. Plans are already in the making for our next retreat.