We’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who have made PHASE II of this international project in Barcelona possible! Because of the overwhelming amount of support we have garnered in the first week of this campaign, we are announcing our first Stretch Goal.

Your help in continuing to spread the word will make Phase III possible -- the bringing of our Catalan collaborators to Highland Lake, NY in Summer 2015, to create and present the next level of the HEADSHOT project.

We now have the opportunity to partner with NACL (North American Cultural Laboratory) in Highland Lake, NY, with a six-week residency in their artist housing and theatre. This partnership deepens even further the collaborative aspects of this project.

With our Study Abroad, Professor Certification, and Summer Programs we are dedicating income towards this important project, but we still need your help. We are seeking an additional $4,000 to help pay for travel, housing, theatre rental, and production expenses. 

The results of this Phase III will allow the company to begin booking the HEADSHOT project in both the United States and Europe. We just need a little more of your energy and enthusiasm to keep going strong!