I am developing my organization, The Betes, a performing arts organization working with puppetry, magic, physical and interactive theater to create living content for diabetes education.

I have had diabetes since I was two years old. The Betes unites my personal history with my work as a performing artist. The unique power of the performing arts fulfills the mission of The Betes, a commitment to addressing the true nature of health. Our diverse and multidisciplinary team is working on creating materials  for the larger diabetic and medical community, and for the general public. Through live performance and social media, we focus on self care for diabetics young and old, addressing the many layers of emotion that make diabetes management so complex. Our goal is to raise awareness and create avenues of advocacy for patient empowerment. We are instigating a dialogue on what a holistic approach to health requires, both in the individual and in the society.

Bold creativity and experimentation can lighten, and even prevent, the burden of one of the largest health crises of our time. Health is a gift that is worth protecting.

We are developing the character of Betes. It is a puppet embodiment of the diabetes condition. Because The Betes is existential.