Jacob Miller studied at the Margolis Method Center for three consecutive summers in 2010-2012. Since then, Jacob has graduated with a BA in theatre from the University of Minnesota. Living in Minneapolis, he has been studying and performing Clown and physical comedy, including an original show Babes in Wonderland, where he played the Mad Hatter. Jacob has also been doing research in Neutral and Expressive mask performance, and was a co-founder of a Minneapolis-based group called The Neutral Mask Collective, who met weekly for research and created a monthly performance called Awkward Love. NMC produced their first professional show in July 2015 at Illusion Theatre in Minneapolis called I’ll Be Trying To Be There. Most recently, Jacob has been sewing costumes, making dances, and creating acts for the amazing Minneapolis burlesque community, while also doing stage management and assistant directing for numerous companies around the Twin Cities.


The most crucial thing Jacob has learned through his years with the Margolis Method is how to be an empowered artist. This work has enabled him to be a creator on his own--starting with nothing; the work has instilled a sense of confidence while collaborating with other artists; it has given him the knowledge and ability to articulate the minute details of a choreographed moment as well as the the over-arching concepts of an entire piece. The Margolis Method has allowed Jacob to explore live-performance through multi-faceted lenses, and with a keen physical, emotional, and intellectual understanding of himself and the world around him.