David Hanzal, Minneapolis

David Hanzal is a theatre director, designer, and theatre-maker based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializing in experimental devised work. He is passionate about pursuing interdisciplinary artistic collaborations, nurturing a process-based work environment, and promoting non-hierarchical integration of design, physical performance, text, and music.

David is the artistic director of Collective Unconscious Performance, a Minneapolis-based theatre company that is devoted to exclusively producing original, ensemble-driven work for the stage. Their current production, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, runs at the Red Eye Theater through December 11.



World Premiere
December 2-11, 2016
Red Eye Theater

Directed by David Hanzal
Written by Katharine Sherman
Choreographed by Justin Leaf

Cursed at birth, Beauty is destined to prick her finger and sleep for 100 years. But what did she dream before she woke up? Journey through Beauty’s dreams, and follow her twists and turns on an adult-oriented ride that is both sensual and subversive. Collective Unconscious Performance re-imagines the familiar fairy tale that you thought you knew, through their signature blend of puppetry and dance.

Personal Website: https://davidhanzaltheatre.carbonmade.com/

David studied the Margolis Method in summer 2014. Studying the Margolis Method nurtured David's collaborative skills, and challenged him to be more specific and articulate in his physical expression.

While he had always used movement when creating stories for the stage, working in the Margolis Method re-inspired David to pursue theatrical work that was ensemble-driven, highly physical, and created from scratch. David believes that the most important lesson he learned from his studies in the Margolis Method was that you can create original, highly inventive performances out of nothing.