2014 Professor Certification

2014 marks the fourth year of the Margolis Method Professor Certification, and this year's session was full of energy, growth, insight, and inspiration.  The Professor Certification sessions are special opportunities to connect with other educators.  Visiting professors share the experiential aspect that any artist receives with the training, but we also work on breaking down the pedagogical techniques, concepts, and principles that are integral to the teaching of the Method.

Returning Level 2 and 3 Professors joined some fantastic teachers starting Level 1, for a brilliant group with a variety of perspectives and goals.  Throughout the session, every professor demonstrated tremendous growth, both in their personal artistic development as well as their grasp of the Method's tools for enriching their classes.  Breakout sessions offered each artist individual attention and feedback, along with the opportunity to hone their own analytical eyes for tendencies and habits they might find in their students.

Of course, it wouldn't be a summer at the Margolis Method Center without some peaceful reflection time by the river, or chatting about new insights and breakthroughs over barbecue!  

Thanks to all 2014 professors--as usual, the exciting exchange of ideas is a welcome kickstart to the summer, and the faculty here at the Center invigorated, inspired, and ready to welcome the incoming students to the 6 week Summer Session.