2014 Summer Session One

The first 3-week session of the 2014 Summer Session really hit the ground running with immense creativity and impressive focus.  With record enrollment, artists from all over the country and internationally arrived with unbridled energy and positivity.  The array of artists at various levels of training in the Method contributed greatly to our concept of “spiral learning,” with newer artists learning at an accelerated rate due to the insights of the veterans, who likewise gain deeper understanding from the fresh perspective and provocative questions contributed by artists interacting with the work for the first time.

Twice each week the group is split into two smaller sections, for an intimate opportunity to focus on fundamental principles and receive more individual attention, offering a valuable balance of experiential learning.

Several projects were created, each allowing the training artists to build stories around specific limitations or theatrical devices.  The last week saw the creation of larger projects where the seed for inspiration was a theme and each actor or group determined how to best manifest their perspective(s) theatrically.  The outcome was work that was inspiring, funny and thought provoking. We also had the pleasure to experience long time student Rachel Nelson’s production, directed by company member Beth Brooks, The Urban Hermit.  It was so engaging we completely forgot we were still in our studio.

As the first 3-week session draws to a close, we bid a sad yet fond farewell to those artists leaving while warmly welcoming the fantastic group joining us for the next three weeks. Onward and upward to continue more challenging, in-depth training and research to empower Actor Warriors!