2014 Summer Session Two

Hard to believe the summer 2014 is wrapping up--it was truly magical in every way possible! The second 3-week leg of the Summer Session really picked up on the creative energy and momentum of the first session. A mix of new and familiar faces joined us for more creative research and training. The artists enrolled for the full 6-week session exhibited profound growth, made all the more evident as we circled back to a few exercises and dramatic structures earlier in the summer. As they made connections in their work, they began to find more and more sophisticated choices and nuance in their storytelling. Their personal development also ramped up the learning for the 3-weekers, raising the bar for the whole group and pushing every single artist in the room to a higher caliber.

This session’s performance project was to explore the concept of humanity’s relationship to judgment--how do we judge ourselves and others, and how do we react to being judged? The artists created solo and/or group scenes, and on presentation day filled the studio with truly dramatic, inspiring, and thought-provoking stories. Its these moments that remind us of the power of theatre, and it’s incredibly exciting to think of the work these artists will create as they return to their communities armed and empowered with new and more refined skill sets.

While the 2014 Summer Session has drawn to a close, the atmosphere of joy, diligence, inspiration, and focus remains, and we at the Center couldn’t be prouder of the students and faculty for making the whole session one for the history books! More exciting projects are coming down the pipeline, and we move forward with cherished memories as we grow and push ourselves to grow.

Stay tuned, folks! More news soon!