Ian Bivins, Bellingham, WA

Faculty member Ian Bivins has been highlighted by Whatcom Talk for his work with the Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth (BAAY).

Of Ian's background, Whatcom Talk writes:

"Bivins brings a broad theater education background to BAAY that informs his teaching on a daily basis. Originally from Helena, Montana, Bivins earned a degree in Theatre and Dramatic Arts at Western Washington University. Much of Bivins’ experience before BAAY has been as an instructor of professional actors from around the globe, teaching Margolis Method workshops in Upstate New York, Barcelona and Bellingham to name just a few. “Most of my history is working with professional actors from diverse places, diverse backgrounds and cultures,” notes Bivins."

Whatcom Talk also spotlights Ian's prowess as a leader (something we at the Margolis Method Center, Int'l, are well aware of!):

"Executive Director Ian Bivins recently completed his first year at the helm of this incredible non-profit community organization that teaches confidence, focus, channeling impulse and connecting with others. Bivins’ broad experience, connection with the community and child-centric approach promises to lead BAAY and its students with zeal into theatre and life."

Great job, Ian! Keep up the great work!

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